Okay, so recently I've been in a stage of wanting to listen to "epic"-ish music. The kind of music that will make you **** a brick. Epic chord changes, epic solos, epic development in the song.... you know what I mean. But my collection of music doesn't have a lot of it. I'm not looking for heavy metal of any sort, like dragonforce or anything, and I"m not looking for the orchestral epic songs either, like Carmina Burana.

I'm looking for songs kind of like Dogs, by pink floyd. Lyrics don't really matter to me at all, it's the epic music I'm looking for. If you think you know what I'm looking for, please give me some suggestions.

also, I used the search bar and all I got was dragonforce or stupid music in general. Also scared to ask the pit for the same reason.
coheed have very epic songs, the crowing is crazy good, in keeping secrets of silent earth 3, and if you want solos the the final cut is amazing.
Opeth - The Drapery Falls

Go. Now. Listen. Be Enlightened.

*Akerfeldt himself said it is apparently epic enough to *%& to...
eh, I wasn't really looking for metal at all. Looking for more relaxed but intense music. The best example I can think of is Echoes by Pink Floyd right now. Those chord changes are awesome, need more of that.
bleh, i was about to suggest Colors by BTBAM but it gets pretty intense, so no.

it's possibly the most epic album i have ever heard though, so if you get desparate...
Thick as a Brick-Jethro Tull
Gates of Delerium-Yes
Larks Tounges in Aspic Pt.1 or 2-King Crimson

Just try a bunch of 70's prog if you're not really into metal
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