Can anyone out there help me with a guitar tab. I'm looking for Symphony No. 6 In F Major 'Pastoral' by Beethoven. I'm mainly looking for the beginning part. I'm looking for power tab but I'll take what I can get. Thanks.

If you go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZGb-Kjy0S0 you can hear the song, I'm basically look for the first 1 min or 1.5 min of the song
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I appreciate the help YA89 but I can't read sheet music. My guitar ability is very low and all I can read is tabs. Thanks anyways.
How do you want to play it? It's an orchestral piece, you mean like an arpeggio with the bass parts on? Or simply like a single melody?
I can't download it. When I try to it says wait 90 sec for my turn to download, after the countdown is done I click the download button and it just starts the countdown all over again.
ok wait I'll find another way to upload this. But do you have guitar pro?
That one seemed to work but I'm going to need guitar pro to open it aren't I? You said you have a trial version of it, does that mean it only works for so long or it limits you to what you can do? Can I get a trial version and run this file fine, cause I'm not buying a program to read guitar tabs when I have power tab for free.

Thanks BTW

It's a 15 day trial, and there're some limits.

Download the midi and import it from GP and you'll get the full piece. It will cut it to 4 piano pieces, the 1st track is the main melody, but you can look in to others and add those notes too when you're learning it, specially the 4th track notes.


BTW I have to delete them soon, so download the midi ASAP.
I've downloaded both and the trial version of guitar pro. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks alot for the help