but... i still have questions

for those of you who study music in college-

i'm a sophomore in high school, I love music, I want to study it for as long as I can, and I'm somewhat ahead of the game in terms of understanding theory

I'm currently in an AP Theory class at school, but I really only dabble on instruments other than the guitar so I can't read sheet music for ****s. I can analyze music and stuff, but I'm very very far from playing a sheet of music right off of it. Do I need to step it up to pursue music in college? Is there space for a guy who can't read sheet music fluently?

Thanks for all who help
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how are you in AP music theory if you can't even read sheet music? That's usually a prerequisite.
I'm also a sophomore in HS. And all I can say is reading sheet music is essential. Just buckle down and do it. I have the same problem; that I can't read sheet music very well. I just applied to a conservatory, and the placement exam was covered in sheet music.

Just do it dude, learn how to read sheet music. You will **** your pants once you realize how seriously essential it is. I hate to say it, but it needs to be done. I'm doing my best to learn before I go to this conservatory too. It's hard, but worth it.
Ya I studied music in school and lets put it this way, you can know all the theory you want but it wont help if you cant read music. Becauses i had to write out scores such as Passacalia's, Etude, Counterpoint exercises and other **** like that.
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do i need to read it on the piano?

or should i learn it on the guitar as the main deal
There was a woman who gave out her pearls.
Well you can learn to read sheet music in college, like I did. But since you already know your theory and all that you might as well learn to read sheet music before you start college, you have plenty of time. Remember, the more you read, the better you get at it so start now and by the time you're in college you will be way ahead of many people.
In my school there are people who before they started music in college they knew theory or they knew how to play their instrument pretty well but didn't know how to sight read sheet music and yet they're learning that right now. And then there are those who know how to read but are completely new to theory; so if you know both you'll do pretty well and you just might be able to go to a better school that might require you to know how to read already.
By the way, in my class there is a girl who's a senior in high school and she's taking theory 2 in college, and she also took AP theory, so maybe you can even get a head start by going to a community college or something like that and get some credits out of the way while you're still in high school and just keep working with reading sheet music, then you'll really be ahead when you go to college.
The main factor when you audition as a music major is your actual playing. However, all music curriculum will use standard notation as the basis for explanations and lessons. If you don't know it very well, I suggest you get better at it.

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do i need to read it on the piano?

or should i learn it on the guitar as the main deal

Eventually you will have to learn it on the piano because they use the piano as a reference many times and I think is easier than reading it on the guitar, for me at least and I'm new to piano. I don't know how it is in other music schools but in mine it is a requirement to take piano lessons if you're a music major, I had never played the piano until I started music school so I'm just learning basic stuff but regardless of your experience you have to know how to play the piano.
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Its not hard to learn, you just have to practice reading daily and it will come naturally if you are already adept at playing.