Alright, so I've snagged a Dean Edge 5 string off of Ebay, used. It's very nice, but there's something bugging me:

The neck pickup has a very hollow ring to it. I mean if I play any notes at all, tap on the body (strings muted), or especially tap on the pickup itself, I get a very hollow ringing noise. At first I just thought it was some kind of harmonic overtone, but it does it even with the strings muted (I even wrapped a cloth around them in case my hands weren't doing the job).

I also know it's not related to the amp, as I ran the bass DI into my computer and it still did it, no amplification or signal modification at all.

It's not too loud, but it's enough to bug me. What can I do about this, or does anyone even know what the problem is?

I can upload a recording of the sound if anyone wants.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Okay, so I've still got this problem. I went ahead and uploaded a MP3 of the sound so you guys can hear what I'm talking about. This is the bass going straight into my computer, no effects, no signal modification whatsoever.

The sound isn't there acoustically, at least not on any level that I can hear. I still have no idea what this is, or what's causing it. I did some searching but I didn't find any relevant posts on this forum or any other forum on UG for that matter.

I'd still like to get some input on this if possible.
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Try lowering your pickup a bit

That, or it could be a case of Dean's crap instruments striking again.
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You know, honestly, it sounds really awesome, and in recordings it's not really even audible. Just knowing that it's there is enough to bug me. Hopefully it's a physical resonance that some stuffing or a piece of tape or something can fix. But I appreciate your replies, guys.