i decided to take a break from all the distortion and see how i could do with a slow tempo song.

you can tell by the last chorus i needed SOME intensity, but anyways, comment please!

oh yeah, C4C, just post the linky
cleanish song.zip
I like. I think the drums are kind of overpowering though. I don't really like the acoustic guitar. I don't have anything to say apparently. I like. Heh. OK, I do find that the ending is very nice how it is (with the distortion and stuff). It would have been extremely dull had it not had that.
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I happen to think this is great. It's cool that you used an extra track to create the delay. I actually just did that to one of my songs. I must say, it is primary the leads with the delay that keep it interesting. The only thing I can really say I don't like is the slow portion of the bridge, but it's not bad. I really don't have anything productive to suggest like I usually do.
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Hey man, great chord/root changing on the intro/verse. The chorus is great, the delay is pretty epic. I don't like the bridge at all until the harmonized guitars come in. It is way to empty. But the last chorus was a nice finish.

Well done man.
yeah i know, the bridge is super boring, but that is supposed to be where the super deep and meaningful lyrics go. :P

thanks for the crits guys