i have a crate gtd 120 212 and when i turn it on the onboard effects also come on even though the knobs are turned all the way off. the effects turn off if i turn the knob up some then back off but it startin to get annoyin any ideas for a self repair or will i need to take it somewhere?
hm weird, i know that the ODD time with my crate glx65 the effects would turn on when i turned on the amp. I had to click the 'effects' button on the footswitch a few times and it fixes it. it has happened to me like 2 or 3 times, im guessing its just a glitch... if yours does it often i would consider just buying a new amp as repairing solid state amps isn't worth it.

I suggest not giving up on it right away try and live with it as long as u can SS amps often can 'fix' themselves over time, i don't get it but i've seen it happen with some amps as they'll have problems for like a week and then everything turns out ok afterwards...