OK so I have to do Core Homework for English and the Area of Study is Alienation. I need three texts to discuss so I was thinking of doing a novel, a film and a song. I have no clue whatsoever for any of them so I thought "Hmm. Maybe I should go to SparkNotes for the last one". But common sense prevailed so here I am, asking what good "related materials" there are for alienation.

The Bourne Identity

Mars Attacks - aliens every where mo' fawcka
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Catcher in the Rye

Note: I've never actually read Cather in the Rye, I'm just guessing based off of what I've heard about the book. So I could very possibly be reccomending you a book that wouldn't be good at all.
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Novel - iunno...

Film - Bang, Bang, You're Dead.

Song - Them Bones by Alice in Chains


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A Perfect Circle - "3 Libras" & "The Outsider"

that's all i can think of at the moment.
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donnie darko - movie
tumult by stone sour - song
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