Heres a lil song that has no reason in life except it was fun to make.
I'll recut the vocals when I get some quiet time around the house. Like most
my stuff I had about a half hour to lay down what I did without noise or interuptions
and I am darn happy I had it.. so it could use work but I am glad to of laid down
what I did.

I present Floating Fish.

Floating Fish
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There's a place
Down on vagabond corner
you can find what will put you at ease
For your sunshine or snow it's where anything goes
and the working girls do what you please

Out the back door
is destitute alley
thats where the working man goes
they say misery loves friends and there's never an end
for the line at the door that wont close

You wont need your watch there
Because time is measured in years
And the cover is cheap and it's all yours to keep
for the price of a couple of beers.

Theres this place called
yesterday morning
thats where your best memories stay
the rents always dirt cheap and the only upkeep
is keeping new memories away

So if you hang out
at vagabond corner
with the devil he'll be your best friend
and that happy lifestyle it will just take awhile
till you realize it's only pretend