I really want the double neck, my local music shop has one for $1000 but it's 6 string/ 6 string baritone, I've always wanted 12 string/6 string, plus it's $500 cheaper. The other one just looks really cool (I'm not even a pothead, although I do smoke, but it just seems like the ultimate chill out guitar, and after shipping it's only $200).

Now obviously they aren't any Les Pauls or anything, they are just kinda cruddy guitars to **** around with. For the pot one, I could buy it right now, for the double neck, I'd sell my 12 string (what's the point in having 2 12 strings).

So for crud guitars to mess around with, which one?

These aren't serious guitars, honestly they are just to mess around with, and they will end up costing me a total of around $200 each (after I sell that 12 string of mine for $400, and after shipping and all it'd be around $200 coming out of my pocket)

EDIT: lol I had to post this one for giggles - The Divebomber!
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make a poll

double neck ftw
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double neck it makes all kinds of hard lol
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My vote goes to the Pot Tele. It'll take you higher. Put some GFS P90's in there and you'll have a cool screamer.

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i say use your money for an amp which isnt a 10W piece of poo.

MY amps are poo, but I usually go to my friends house who has a boatload of amps bigger than me and cost more then I'm worth too lol. My amps aren't a big concern to me right now, although my next purchase will be an amp.
just keep your $200 and so you have an extra $200 to spend on an amp. if you must buy one i would say the pot one because...well...i don't mind the odd smoke.