I use both and they each have their foibles. What I want to know is what tab software do the pros use? I have noticed that magazines and books often have superior tab notationt to the notation achieved by these two packagaes.

I also tried Finale 2008 - but the tab side of it is absolutely awful.

Anyone know the answer to this question?
pros dont use tab software..

edit: oh the pro tabbers... i dont know, thye dont seem that much better than guitar pro to me, great program though.
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I find guitar pro can offer very top quality tabs if you use them right. Eg, put in the Key signature, put in musical directions like repeats, codas etc. I haven't seen a guitar book tab that you cant do in guitar pro just as easily.
For those who care.
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The original poster was NOT asking whether or not you can "do with Guitar Pro anything you can do with pro software by adding repeats" or whatever else. He was actually asking which specific software professionals use when they create tabs for guitar magazines, published songbooks, etc.

The most likely answer to that is Sibelius. Possibly Finale. In particular, if you're talking about the layout, with the separate boxes for fills and riffs, Sibelius can do that. I'm sure Finale can as well. Also, Sibelius had a piece of software specifically for guitar, called G7, but it's discontinued.

A note of caution: this software is not only pricey, but has a very steep learning curve indeed. This is not your Guitar Pro.
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