I have an Epiphone Les Paul custom with a SD Alnico II Pro installed in the bridge. Tonight while I was playing when I would switch to the bridge pickup it sounded like I had my volume pot 3/4 of the way turned down. The neck pickup was fine, but it was just the bridge pickup. Could someone give me advice on how to fix this and what the problem might be. Any help would be appreciated.
how olds the guitar?
does the bridge pickup use a different volume control to the neck pickup?
Check your guitar cable to make sure it's not that. Also one of the cables inside the guitar might've come loose.
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Yeah I checked the guitar cable and tested it to make sure it was working by plugging in another guitar. Cable is fine.
operate the pickup selector several times all the way from neck to bridge and see if the volume comes back on the bridge pickup.

chances are, your selector switch contacts are aging and are making poor connection.
those switches are a poor design and the ones on the epi are made with even cheaper materials. most begin to fail after a year or two.
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Thanks for the response SomeoneYouKnew, that is basically what brought back the volume. I had bad signal drop out and noticed after I moved the selector several times, volume was restored. I will see about getting that replaced.