Ive been listening to alot of Hendrix lately on my way to school on the bus and i was wondering what the pit listens to in the mornings.

Searchbar was used and i didnt find anything, but if there is something, i will have this thread locked
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dream theater. i have a 6 disk changer so i have most of their albums in rotation. today i listened to hells kitchen and realized how amazing that song is. having a car rules..
For me it's either Bob Marley or Chopin.
Whatever comes up randomly on my mp3 (im ipod-less )

Today it was Monsters by The Gathering.

I only live 5 mins away from my school, so only 1 song on the way there
It changes, but atm its Nile for me. "In Their Darkened Shrines" ftw

Last week in was Nightwish, and a few weeks before that, it was Michael Angelo. It may be Dream Theater next O-o
Usually lighter stuff in the morning. Welcome to wherever you are by Ten Second Epic fits pretty good.
it was satyricon and six feet under today
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what the hell "even my chains...."

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It has to be heavy and loud... Panterea, Ozzy (mostly because of Randy (RIP)), Megadeth etc.
Van Halen all the way, car has the upgraded sound system too so its pretty sweet
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i usually have an a7x or metallica cd cranked on the way to school
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iron and wine, usually
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The sound of fapping, if I wake up "right"
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since i no longer have a drivers license (damn state of Illinois), i havent got much music in on my way to work in the carpool, but i used to dig Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, i have a 30 min drive to work and Tom Petty has some great cruising music
Dragonland - Astronomy & Cassiopeia
"Fly with me forever high
And with these wings
We'll set the world on fire
Fly with me through scorching skies
You and I - The lie of lies"

-Symphony X
I just listen to whatever I feel like while I'm walking to class. It all depends on my mood really. Today was Between the Buried and Me and Amon Amarth.
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Lately it has been either Fu Manchu or Pelican on my long commute to school.


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this morning was tool
but i change it up every day, 6 stacker helps alot..

but usually lighter stuff, 6am drive is a bit much for anything heavy...

on the way home, thats a different story all together!
Whatever the hell comes on my ipod. It's always on shuffle and usually brings up something decent to start the day off.
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Usually the acoustic Zeppelin songs like 'Going to California' & 'the Rain song';
Very nice and wakening for the morning.
John Butler Trio works a treat aswell; very calming.

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teh pronz
Something either catchy or heavy...
Anything to jumpstart the day....

I think I heard some Orphaned Land this morning..
Can't remember
Classic in the morning, classical at noon, classical at night.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Stop Me if you think that you've heard this one before by The Smiths. ****ing Brilliant Song!!
Bob Segar - Against The Wind

Every Morning.
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Metal in the morning, metal in the afternoon, metal in the evening, metal at night.

I have like 20% of my hearing, by the way.
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