Just got back from the Slipknot show in which after wards i got to talk to Corey from Trivium a little bit about their gear. And since i recently started a thread (that was closed because it was in the wrong type of medal forum, omg!!!).

Matt Heafy is officially with Gibson now and used a plain white Ml for his seven string needs and has a sticker covering up the dean logo. Corey said that hes had pretty much every brand send him guitars all of which he's into but hasnt decided yet, but did confirm he is not/would not be endorsed by dbz although he does have one. He did play a bc rich V he just got and said played tonight for the first time that he said he really likes. So i think we'll see a B C Rich sig soon.

And for anyone hoping for a new Trivium record soon, dont hold your breathe. He said after the Mayhem fest they will do a headliner tour in the fall, and will also do more tours throughout 2010. I did ask him if theyve been writing on the road in which he said most defiantly.

I also reliazed i should be a journalist or something, do interviews, im good at it!.
Electro Metal???

wooot, high-end BC Rich ftw.
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what was interesting is it didnt look like much, it was a rosewood fretboard witht he crappy diamond inlays. however the head stock did just have the "R" which usually indicates is a handmade model. His dean looked so much like a bernie rico vixen. . . So maybe thatll incline him to go with bc rich moreso
Electro Metal???

He said the exact same thing about the ESP DV8 he was playing last week

Take it with a pinch of salt, like he said, he's trying everything out.
Take this to the Trivium Only Thread man, they're more likely to be interested in there.

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