Hope this is the right place...

My Q is would a super strat style build work with the following pups and is it possible?
Its an alder body, 24 fret, floyd rose with piezo, HSH
and now the pups...
bridge: SD '59
mid: Fender vintage '57/'62
neck: SD JB jr

now i mentioned it was a HSH so the space for the second coil (on neck) would have a fernandos sustainor in it. Firstly would this work? I know that you wouldn't be able to have the sustainor and neck pup on at same time so i was thinkin a 3 way switch
(neck pup on, fernandos off - both off - neck pup off, fernandos on)
Would this work?

I also want a SD triple shot switching mounting ring on the SD '59 and if possible one that encompasses the sustainor and JB jr (so the switching works on the JB, but the ring goes around the 2 pups). Is this possible?

Would these pups work for:
Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Pantera, A7X, Frusciante (thus the mid single coil), and other blues, metal, rock stuff?
Also things like vai, clapton, friedman, knopfler etc

Mainly I want the tone of iron maiden on things like affraid to shoot strangers, and brave new world (the versions on the visions of the beast dvd), John Petrucci and Frusciante
But i also want versatility - my 2 fav gits currently are '62 vintage strat and ESP horizon with the JB and '59 combo
This is why ive chosen those pups...

Does what I've said make sense and is it all possible?
RIP Gooze