Hey guys,

I started another thread and someone recommended to ask you guys here, as you would be able to help me set my guitar up best. Here is my original problem:

(Hard time tuning my guitars that have a tremolo system, Squire Showmaster & Jackson DXMG)

"This has been happening ever since I got my first guitar, a Squire Showmaster. Basically as I would tune it, it would go flat as I was tuning it. For example, I tune the low e, to E. I move onto A, and by the time I put A or D into tune, the low E is already out of tune completely. Not just a very little bit, it'll be way flat. I always just went with it, but it takes like 20 minutes to tune the damn thing.

I also have a Les Paul standard and a new Jackson DXMG. The les paul tunes no problem and I never have to go back and adjust the lower strings by the time I'm done tuning it. The Jackson however, is the same as the Squire. Does this have anything to do with the tremolo system? I know the first time I ever adjusted the springs of a guitar was on the Jackson, and at some point through my adjusting, it DID tune perfectly the first try, but I had to readjust the springs more due to it being up too high, and the whole tuning problem came back.

What is the cause of this? It's really a pain if I ever wanna tune one of them real quick."

I got a few techniques for tuning and alternating between strings, but do I need to adjust anything? My jackson is a whole other story as well, I don't like how it plays. I threw thicker strings on and had to tighten the springs a lot but I don't like the feel of it at all..

If you read all of this, thanks!
. When your tuning does the bridge start to lift off the body? If so its the springs - you need to tighten the springs/ screw in the trem claw more
yes thats the pain of having a floyd one go to like jemsite i thik it is fora tutorial on how to tune
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theres an ultimate floyd rose thread here on ug, google Ultimate Floyd rose thread, it will be the first one there
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Hey guys,

I started another thread and someone recommended to ask you guys here, as you would be able to help me set my guitar up best.
Jimmy recommended you try the setup thread. Did you do that?

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try the setup thread, they have lots of advice on how to set your guitar up (including bridge setup).
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when you put on your e string and tune it up it adds tension to the neck and the string. as you add the next few strings they relieve some of the tension on the e string, which in turn sends it flat. and new strings always need a few hours to fully stretch out so during that time the guitar will go flat.

if it's going waaay flat it's probably something else.
The beauty of a Floyd Rose is the tuning stability but the prices you pay is getting it tuned in the first place and the inability to change tunings on the fly.

First off, don't change all the strings at the same time. It makes it much harder to get them all in tune again. Next, as you tune strings, you need to go back and retune the previous strings and keep doing it until all the strings are in tune (or close), then lock down the nut (this usually makes it go sharp) and use the fine tuners to, well, fine tune it. If you bridge does not sit flat to the body, you will need to adjust the spring tension or add a spring inside the back of the guitar.
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Jimmy recommended you try the setup thread. Did you do that?


I couldn't find one so I assumed this was what he was talking about. Sorry, new here

The strings have been on for a while but I was just curious if I could setup the guitar correctly to stop this from happening, but seems to me like all of guys have this problem. After I lock the strings down and use the fine tuners it stays in tune, I was just making sure there wasn't anything wrong with the setup.

As far as the Jackson goes, idk why but it's just not comfortable to play ocmpared to my les paul. I can really rock out on the Les Paul and the jackson almost doesn't compare. Idk if it's how I have it set up or if the pickups just suck, or what. Their "EMG HD's"