hey just uploaded a demo my band..
i know its really bad quaity lol it was recorded on a tape... just wondering if anyone would care to listen to it and give me some feedback, thanks in advance,
sorry about it being loud i had no idea
its in my profile.
anyone? i know its horrible quailty..
so i guess thats why... if anyone wants to please pelase feel free.
It's really hard to crit it with that quality, can't tell if the guitar/singing is good or bad because its so garbled by the recording

From what I could make out the singer sounds quite talented (makes me think of evanescence) and the guitar fits well with her voice. I couldn't make out any of the lyrics unfortunately due to quality so can't say much about that. Musically though they sounded good!

The song drags with just the single guitar and singer, i think it would be huge if you could add a heavy distorted guitar coming in partway through the song with a solo. Your band may just be 1 guitarist, so maybe a pedal or something to change the sound of the guitar and go into a heavy riff/solo?

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thank you for even listening to it,yah i know its soo horrible lol the sound quailty
were gettign recorded better in about 2/3weeks in a studio. so results should be great lol
the song it self if simplistic. we are very "the cure" influenced..
i will take into concideration your suggestions about distorted guitars coming in..
unforunatly my bands is. singer-guitarist-drummer but were gettign a keyboardist so that should fill it out more..
i might put a solo in there lol thanks for the adive.
and i quite enjoyed yoursong aswell props to you