My friend is selling one and I might buy it. He is offering AU$1000.

It is about 6-7 years old, in really good condition, all original pickups, etc and comes with hardcase, strap, etc.

Is this a good deal?

Picture (not his one but one like his)
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What's this nonsense about '53 buckers? They first appeared in '57. And '55 type? Specials are a pretty new design, being flat bodied instead of the traditional and expensive curved top. I suppose the price isn't bad but that's mostly to do with the name on the headstock. If you fancy it, do check out the serial number on the Gibson website (its stamped on the back of the headstock) 'cos there are still rip-offs around.
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i got my les paul special for 600 us with hardcase.

in truth save up for a nice playing studio early 90's or late 80's. good luck.
+1 on what lurcher's saying- the humbucker didn't appear until around 1957 or so, and the doublecut les paul junior until 1959, i think? could be slightly off with those dates, but the implication is the same- those dates your friend has quoted you are wrong. EDIT: oh i get you now, it's just a reissue. that's fair enough, the dates are still wrong though.
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Get a high end Epi insted.
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