Hey everyone,
I just bought a tri ac an im trying to figure it out.
Im trying to set a lead tone , a heavy rythm and a clean tone.
I pretty much got the rhtym and cleans but i cant nail a heavy metal lead tone.
Does anyone have any settings to advice?
^It's a pedal.
TS, I could be wrong, but isn't this more of a classic rock-geared pedal?
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try using the California mode, with the mids boosted and the gain around 1:00 or so. Sorry if this isn't very good I sold my Tri AC about 2 years ago. If I remember correctly the Cali mode is based off the Mesa Mark series which should get you a pretty good lead sound.
I used one for a while and while I was thoroughly impressed with it's versatility, I still ran another distortion box for the high gain metal stuff.
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i already tried boosting the mids on the california channel but it doesnt work.
could it be the fact that im running an amp simulator through an amp?