Hey pit monkeys

i know afew of you are trippers

i want to take acid and would like to know the best and safest way of taking it without having a bum trip or freaking out at all.

any advice would be cool.

drug thread mate? ^lol nice timing dude!
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take a trip to the drug thread dude

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not taking LSD? thats pretty safe. LOL
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My first trip I watched Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, and it is the most memorable trip I have ever had. I was at college at the time so I had a bunch of friends to keep me company throughout the night. I smoked weed, which helps bring the trip on better, and at the end of the night I watched Planet Earth and I began to see faces in some of the movie, which was AWESOME.

The next time I took acid I was at my dealers house and this girl was really good at that bouncing stick game, and they had this frisbee which glowed as they threw it which was really trippy. Also, any tapestry you can find will have you busy for hours staring at it.

The last time I tripped I was alone and it was a cool way to experience it. The most memorable moment from that is I was looking in the mirror and it rippled as I looked at it. Very Very cool.

Just make sure you are not going into the trip being scared, Acid is a wonderful drug when used responsibly.

Edit ^^ Acid is a very safe drug. I would suggest for all people to try it at least once, and to never try it more then twice a year. If you can follow those rules you can be a responsible drug user. There are too many "Above the Influence" commercials and too many requiem for a dream watchers that make drug users get a bad name. Just make sure you never do heroine or ecstacy, or any of that other **** drugs. Erowid.com contains information on all the drug effects and side effects so study up before you do anything.
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well, the first time i did acid.

Was at my mates grandma's house.... :L she left. We dropped. She came back. We attempted to melt into the walls.

Do it in a house, with people you are comfortable around.

If the house has Foxtel, its even better. MTV is pretty good during.
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Do it in a house, with people you are comfortable around.

this is the best advice you can get

and unless you are used to other drugs, take a small dose (half blotter) or you may freak out when you find out that its stronger than you expected
Do shrooms instead, wayyyyyyyyy better in my opinion
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