Since i'm in my last year of my school, i will have alot of spare time wich i wanted to spend on a custom build guitar.
Since i got my Iceman, i really like the shape so i think i will be going from there.

I've gotten more and more intrested in 7-strings, so i think i will make one.


For the body i was thinking of Solid mahagony, with an flame maple top.
The neck, i recently fell in love with wenge necks, but i think it will be hard to aquire (sp?) but i want to try, then my plan was a 5-piece neck-thru, with this order : Wenge, Purpleheart, Wenge, Purpleheart, Wenge. I think it will look awesome.


Going ( obviously ) for transparent finish. Might be transparant purple, or a blackish stain to it. Prob. high gloss, but not sure, because it will be on the neck then too, wich i must decide if i want it or not ( Current Iceman has painted neck )


Most def, going for a Dimarzio Evolution in the bridge, and an Blaze in the neck position. One volume, and a simple 3-way switch.

That makes up for ;

Iceman shaped body, Solid mahagony with flame maple top. Black stain / Purple trans finish

Neckthru 5-piece neck, with wenge and purpleheart. ( wizzard like profile ), Custom design head

Rosewood fingerboard, 24 Frets, no inlay, nut sure about the radius. prob around 14
25,5 scale. Super jumbo frets, stainless steel or nickel, not decided yet

String thru bridge ( i've seen them, but where can i get them? Mind you i live in EU, any help ? ), Dimarzio Evolution + blaze, 1 Vol knob, 3-way switch, Most probaly schaller tuners, however i can't find any 7 sets on the web. Any input?

I've never built a guitar before, however i got expierence with woodworking, and got a wide selection of tools ( think of a bandsaw, automatic rasp, various drills and such ) and an dad who might be able to help out alot.

Thing i'm really scared of tho, is screwing up the neck halfway or something, i've looked on various sites, but their necks are expensive as hell, with even the cheapest options + i want a Neck thru, and i cant find a 7 string neck thru with 24 frets.

Well UG, what do you think, and can you advice me on the hardware websites?

EDIT : just seeing Emoishboy's thread, i think this will be interesting :P
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I don't know any hardware sites that deliver to the Netherlands sorry.
But I can say, that this build sounds great, if you don't go through with it I'll be very unhappy
Dr. House, i've looked on allparts.
There is a ficed bridge, but not an Tune-o-matic sort, string thru wich i need
Something similar thats on the 7string XPT, Would you think ibanez send me one if i ask nicely?
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Well I don't exactly like your idea seeing as I'm not a fan of iceman type bodies or seven strings, but combining the two seems kind of cool...

I'll be watching the thread though, it seems interesting to me.
Got a little design on the headstock this afternoon, what do you think UG?
Too fat, too blunt, too whatever? Let me know! because i like it, but i think it's not perfect yet.

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allparts has everything, look harder, i can also hook you up with your wood, i think, ive been wanting some wenge/purpleheart myself.

oh and your headstock is pulling off to the side, it looks ugly, straighten it out and it will be nice, it will cause alot of tuning issues because of the non-straight or consistent string pull, and probably a broken headstock down the line.
I know there's a neck-thru 7-string neck with 24 frets at Carvin, but that's just my very limited knowledge. And can't you just buy individual Schaller tuners instead of buying packs? I'm considering such an idea whenever I get to building a 7-string myself.
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I've looked on allparts again, but i only came across a TOM Stoptail. Would i be able to make the shafts that go into the body myself and just leave the stoptail where it is? ( Buy the shafts and install them, by that )
Thanks for pointing that out, i completely overlooked it
Anyway, i'm in the EU and i found serveral dealers literally around the corner, so i'll take a look there first.
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Your headstock looks like a deformed Ibanez headstock.
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Quote by random_B-RAD
Your headstock looks like a deformed Ibanez headstock.

or the bastard child of an ibanez and PRS headstock..
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