I was listening to an mp3 of one of DigUpHerBones's songs on her profile, and a melody occurred to me, and a guitar part. I entertained the notion of recording her song with a different guitar part and melody, but I decided that was presumptuous and faintly creepy, so instead I wrote my own dang song. It goes like this:

I can't account for all the words I have
But they're the finest salve
And irritant I know
When I retreat and lie in bed at night
Or when I pick a fight
With you for some imagined slight
I know that words can pull my blows
Or drive them home

I'd love an unconditional trust between us
And when the dust between us settles
I know I'll settle for what I have
I trust the unconditional love between us
No one can shove between us
Our love was built to last

I can't account for all the words I said

The mp3 can be heard on my profile, if you're interested. The recording is probably pretty quiet, so you might have to turn up.

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In and of themselves I like the density of rhyming but in the end I think it gives it a sing-songy childish air that doesn't suit.

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