bought a Fender Fuzz-wah the other week, but im bringing it back as neither the wah nor the fuzz was up to standard, the wah was not vocal or throaty at all, and there just wasnt enough fuzz. so i then bought a Jimi Hendrix Fuzz face which i am very pleased with, lots of creamy goodness from that thing! and now i want to sort out the wah, i have a Dunlop cry-baby, and now im thinking of buying a Vox wah (v847?) and would like to what its like, the thing that scares my away is the fact that its a reissue, and like other reissued things ive used in the past this is not always good.

is it throaty, vocal and growly, and has it a good sweep? playing high gain and low gain stuff

thanks for any help
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I don't think the vox wah is very throaty or growly. you might want to try a slash wah.
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The V847 is hardly different from the Original Crybaby, only difference is 1 resistor and the Crybaby has an input buffer. The V847A is a tad different than the V847. It uses a buffer like the Crybaby, everything else is mostly the same except for a different inductor and a cheaper pot. I'd strongly suggest modding your Crybaby if you're handy with a soldering iron.
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I use a v847A and its much better than the standard crybaby. It has alot more sweep too which is good.

It doesnt do high gain very well, but low and medium gain is fine. the slash wah sounds like it might be more your kinda thing, or something like a Morley, they have a good sweep too.
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