I have got a Jackson RR24 limited edition guitar for sale. It is in imacculate condition, loss of job forces sale. there was only 300 of these beauties made. It is black with a yellow bevel. im after £650 for the guitar email me if interested.
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they do make a standard version but not this version with reverse inlays and stuff.. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1011882

can u post pics on here? i cant acces ebay cos im at school

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Okay UG where's my refund and free xbox. I need It for my 80 yr old grandma. She needs a new flower pot
i aint got £650 but i got £300 + boss pedals...

dunno reply if remotely interested
Hmm...where are you in the UK?
im pretty tempted,i want an RR24 or an Alexi 600...
So this may be the answer to my prayers =P