i just downloaded BitTorrent and im splurging on it right now. im just kindof figuring it out on my own and im not quite sure what im doing lol. i went on a site dont really remember what it is and i downloaded the day the earth stood still overnight.

heres the issue, i open the folder of the now finished file, and i have three other files in it, one is a random txt one with a site on it, the other one is a video clip file of 718- 252 KB, when i open it, its basically the whole movie but only the sound, i get the windows animation thing going. the other file says its a system information file, and its 8KB and i click on it and it tells me info about my computer. soooo, how the **** do i watch my movie lol.
sounds like you need codecs, easiest way is to get VLC player
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