I plan on making a guitar in spring, the only problem is, I have looked at pretty much all the tutorials and guides on how to make you neck.

How would I get the back of the neck to be rounded? Do I carve it? Band Saw? Hand Saw? Plane it? Route It?

I have no clue on how to do this, cause I dont want to pay $175.00 for a pre-made neck. Any digrams would be nice. I will make a digram of what I mean by bandsaw it after school.
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you will need a planer to make sure your neck laminates are the proper thickness, a bandsaw (or coping saw if you're patient) to cut out the outline of the neck+fretboard, rasps, files, and chisels to shape the neck. Youtube rhoads56 and watch the multiscale series of videos. if you have any other questions, you're probably not paying attention.

good luck making a neck, dude
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good luck making a neck, dude

everyone's so terrified of necks!

I strongly agree with watching the multiscale custom videos on youtube. They are excellent.
What is there to be afraid of? If you have the tools and basic woodworking skills you should be fine. Also, you can buy a precut fretboard so your fret calculations will be spot on.
Okay, maybe i didn't look that hard... Ok, I admit, I just searched "How To Necks" on the UG search bar. But, thanks for the links!
..I was watching my death.
^ You didnt even check google or project guitar?

I shaped the back of my neck with a rasp and files,

shape the heel and nut with a fine rasp and clean up with files, then use a coarse rasp to hog out the material between the two points, then clean up with a fine rasp and then files in a long motion from the heel to the nut, you are trying to 'connect the dots' between the two shapes.

People recommend shaping the nut and heel and then using a spoke shave to remove the material between the two points, but I didnt have that option, it probably works better though as they are designed to work in that motion (long lines).

Then clamp the neck to a table, fretboard facing down, draw all over the neck in pencil and use sand paper wraped over the neck in a shoe shine motion pulling down and smooth it all out going through all the grits.

The pencil helps to show its all level and smooth curve all the way down the neck.

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everyone's so terrified of necks!
I know its stupid, granted you need to get the truss rod route accurate and the fretboard glued in the right place, but other than that its just straight foward, barely harder than a body.

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files and rasps, then fine sanding working your way to 320 then down to like 500 if your doing a oil finish, to get rid of all the file marks.