i have a squire affinity telecaster and was going to upgrade to a fender telecaster but decided to get a yamaha pacifica 612v instead becasue of money restraints.

i am now in a band and would like to use my tele more so i have thought about upgrading it.

after talking to my friends and to my guitar teacher we have decided that soon i will upgrade the pickups on ti whihc should give it a better sound.

realli i was thinkin about sum dimarzios or duncans.

i play indie/rock/alternative/grunge but will stick to the cleaner stuff on my tele and the grunge stuff for the muddier distortion.

has anyone got any good ideas of pickups im not going to spend over £100 realli and by the way they are 2 single coils.

thats the model i own.


and by the way i dont know alot about pickups so they will be put on by a pro.

if u can can i have a video of the pickups you reccomend from youtube.


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I feel bad for your band if your rockin a squire haha but anyway, its just my opinion that I would put a little 59 in the bridge