Hey everyone,

Sorry if this post is a little more chatty than some people would like. But I haven't ever really posted anything like this and I wanted some feedback.

Anyone ever gone into a music store and plugged in a few older Gibson LP Customs? I did yesterday. Plugged into an Orange Tiny Terror the sound immediately made me jizz in my pants; which made playing kinda awkward.

I've owned several Epiphone's (1 LP junior, 1 LP standard plus-top, 1 LP Custom, 1 G-400) and played on several newer Gibson studios and vintage SG's. Nothing comes even close to the sound and feel of an old LP Custom.

I know now that I'll never throw money away with Epiphone again. Gibson may be overpriced, but, hell. It's not like you won't ever be able to recover the investment. It's a Gibson.
older Gibson's tend to play and sound better than newer just because they cared about what they were building and not about the money.
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When you say vintage SG's do you mean the real early sixties ones? Ever played a LP Custom that was SG shape? Now they were amazing. And yes, investment is a factor. There's a white '61 Custom on ebay at the moment offered at £10,500, which could well be a steal in a few years.
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