Pretty cool, I like the lead guitar sound and the riff. I think you could use a different melody for the vocals, what you have is kind of repetitive - the long held note drops at the same spot every few seconds it seems and becomes kind of annoying by the end (i.e. graaaaaaaany smith will you inviiiiiiiiiiiiiiite me in. its cool here and there but whole song has same pattern with the long notes!)

Drums and rhythm guitar both seem good to me.

Good tune!

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I liked it straight up.
Agreed with the whole long note rhythm thing though. Could use a bit of a change up in at least one spot to keep it interesting, though it works for the most part.

Sounds good on the whole. There is a bit of fuzz though it sounds like its a mix of the guitar and the cymbal so it fits.

The vocals harsh up a bit on some of the long notes, not really a bad thing, though it doesn't sound intentional in a few spots.

tricky moves with granny smith. oh yeah.