im replacing my rr with a reverse headstock neck so i'm selling the original. no tuners or nut. if by chance you do need the tuners and nut i'll throw em in for an additional $20 but for the neck by itself $115 paypalled and shipped. heres a link to my other ad with pics.

either pm me or email me at japoreansamurai@yahoo.com
if you're out of the US i'll ship to ya but you gotta pic up the tab.
^The link needs registration.
Post your details here.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
He means that you have to register for the site to see the link so you should post a new one
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oh i get it. LOL. i'm slow sometimes.
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i'm guessing that means to see the pics you gotta register too. dang it. i'll just load em up to photobucket....