So in my studio (well its not MINE but i use it) i'm using this drum microphone package.

Would it be wise to substitute the overhead mics for 2 of these? (which we have 2 of in the studio of course)


and the snare mic for a shure sm57? I dont have access to the studio right now or i'd just test it out.

We also have an AKG414 and like 5 sm57's. Should i substitute anything out?

Its almost a completely dry room, too.

Thank you!
Yeah, uh-huh...that's what they all say.
if you have access to all of this stuff anyway, then try it out and see, that sort of set up could work, but you may or may not prefer the sound of it over your current set up.
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if you have access to a 414 and 5 sm57s... you'd be an idiot to swap out anything... unless of course you can get 4 md421s...

the nt1as will be great overheads, better off using 2 414s but the nt1as will be great. use the sm57s for everything and they'll do well, or the ones that come with it, i have no idea what theyre like. I know that in one of their albums the chilli peppers guy micd almost his entire kit with 57s