Is there any program or so i can download/buy (jusst program, no hardware) to add some effects like some good dist when playing the guitar thru the computer.
im not saying what im currently using to give distortion for my guitar cuz then youll propably just say im an idiot who got it.
i have my guitar amp and 6 computer speakers in the computer and a pair of really big/good headphones so there aint any problems with the sound quality.
and i have a Realtek HD soundcard and its kickass so dont worry bout that.
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while your sound card may be "kickass" for listening to music and playing games, it probably isnt going to do anything special for routing audio. just throwing that out there first to get it out of the way. second, adding distortion on your computer is going to sound bad for the most part. digital distortions usually sound fairly bad.

however, if you wanted to run your computer in the effects loop of your amp for some reverb, delay or modulation effects, that can be done and sound pretty good. you would run the line out/effects send from your amp into the line in on your computer, then the line out on the computer to the effects return on your amp. gonna need some cables that go 1/4" to 1/8" for that, but thats the limit of the hardware you need. same thing can be done where you just run the guitar straight into the computer and you listen with headphones, but ive never found that to work as well.

so then we come to the programs. there are soooo many ways to run this kind of setup. there are in fact some programs meant just for guitar, like GT player. my favorite way to do this is to run a simple recording program that has VST plugin capability. the free demo of fruity loops works. then you set your program to have the input as your line in and the output as the line out. depending on the program, you then route the input to a channel (or similar) where you then apply the VSTs. i suggest these as a nice free start.

basicly there are a ton of ways to route your guitar through your computer and there are some nice digital effects you can use. but if you want to do this for distortion, i say look else where.