Wow, I really liked Knockin' On Heaven's Door.
The guitar was great and I think you did the vocals justice.
And you do it all with a cool hat.

Cool beans yo'.
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This thread proves Gigatiran is awesome, and a lot more awesome than your average awesome. I bet he even owns a duster like Dennis Reynolds.
lol, I can't play with strings like that in the pegs.

Good job on both.

I'm going to be doing a cover of Knockin on Heavins door... but more like the Bob version...

Check out my GNR cover of "Civil War" on my profile when you get the chance.
its meant to be a bob dylan cover, i hate gnr with a passion

i guess the way i picked it was like gnr but i was really just trying to jazz it up so i wasnt strumming 3 chords for an hour