Whats a better band Five finger death punch or All that Remains

Me and my friends have beed arguing about which is better, i like both but i think that All that REmains was better when they were more hardcore, there new CD overcome is alright, but where is the hardcore riffs and the screaming, dont get me wrong, there still a good band, but i miss the head bagging and the screams.
Get out of the metal forum.
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All that remains. definitely the best =] but as i lay dyings better than them =D

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Hardcore forum dude. ATR is way too good for being in metal forum. Just joking they are great but they are metalcore ( Pussy metalcore )
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Hardcore forum, please.

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Hardcore forum, please.

Normally I take full advantage of these forums and flame till locked.
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congratulations, you managed to break TWO rules. no versus thread, and no -core. now get out.
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