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Basically, I'm looking to get a couple of delay pedals for my board:

A 'flagship' delay; should be an excellent quality delay, with a fair amount of usable functions. I'm willing to spend a fair amount on this delay as it will be used heavily in my sound - but I'm not looking to go rack mounted at the moment. Current contenders are the Line 6 DL4, and I've been looking at the EHX 16 second digital delay, as that looks like an interesting piece of kit! What are people's opinions on these twp? I know the DL4 is an excellent delay, and the EHX has some excellent features, but they are worthless if the delay itself doesn't sound great. Any other suggestions?

I'm also looking for a secondary delay; quality here is a 'lesser' issue, as I intend to run it through a feedback loop, which will be a rather foul, degrading signal anyway. So, something cheap, sturdy and reliable is ideal. Suggestions here?
T.C. Electronics NovaDelay. It's close to my G-Major, and Delays are pretty nice. I have a clip in which I'm using some delay, and I could make some more clips if you wish. Definitely something you should consider.
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I've got the TC Electronic Nova Delay and I really like it, if you want a ton of options it's a good choice. If money is not an issue get a T-Rex Replica, that thing is insane.
I love line-6 stuff. I can tell you it all works great and never degrades your signal. I dont own the EHX but I can tell you that the Nova Delay by Tc electronics would probably be the only real contender in my opinion to the line6 pedal.
zoom g1x delay suits me xD beginner ish but it aint bad.
MXR Carbon Copy. Simple and sounds great. I looked at some of the other digital delays (the MXR is full analog, w/ true bypass) and they sounded pretty good, but had a lot of gimicky features. (reverse, hold [4 second loop basically], and then all sorts of really obnoxious delay times) If you think about it, when are you going to want delays to kick in 16 seconds after you've played the note? Which is my only fault with the Carbon Copy: it only gets 1 second of delay. (It doesn't sound like much, but its really more than you think, I thought so too after using it) Other than that it's perfect for me. Sounds nice, doesn't drain what little tone I do get, adjustable modulation, I've got what I need. If you must have a digital delay, I found the BOSS DD-series to sound nice, and you might also look at the Digitech hardwire series.
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well, for the secondary delay are you looking for something with features, or something simple? simple id go for a dd-3, ibanez ad-9 or a carbon copy. with a little more features theres the dd-7 or even one of the new hardwire delays. id probably go for analog here as you said you are going for a more gritty sound, so ad-9 or CC would be my call.

others have the main one covered, where the nova-delay seems to be one of the best choices.
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The Line 6 is pretty good, but it can be annoying to use in a live situation. The TC was good too, but pretty complex. I've owned both, and ended up keeping the Line 6 over the TC.
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I really do quite enjoy my Line 6 Echo Park. It has a slight learning curve and it really does have an appetite for 9 volts so run it through a DC brick for your wallet's sake. It does really have a good,clean sound to it and you can tailor the delay near as makes no difference to your heart's content.
Budget? I'd go with an Eventide Timefactor, or a Line6 DL4 if you don't want to spend that much.

I'd go with an Ibanez DE-7 for the second delay.


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AD-9 or CC for analog and I advise on the Nova for digital. Are you looking for pedals or rack? I know Alesies (or however you spell it) makes a nice reverb/delay unit...dont know the exact name though...sorry man.
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Absolutely no question, I say get the DL-4. I own one, and use it more than any effect except maybe overdrive. I only wish that there were more than 3 presets, but thats 2 more than any other stompbox will give you.
Yeah, I'd go with a Line 6 DL4 and an Ibanez DE-7


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Quote by mattocaster99
Absolutely no question, I say get the DL-4. I own one, and use it more than any effect except maybe overdrive. I only wish that there were more than 3 presets, but thats 2 more than any other stompbox will give you.

agreed to the DL-4. it is amazing, the best investment i've ever made (except my amp).
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If you're going to be using the second one for feedback and such, the DD-3 is good for that...
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