i need help trying to make my pod x3 live work with my amps i've been messing around with it for a week aready and cant figure it out. i try connecting to my line 6 spider 3 150 half stack and marshall avt2000 and none of the sounds are coming out right. if someone could just write down a step by step how to connect a x3 live for dummies for me that would be great lol.
Left or Right output on the X3 to Instrument input on the amp. Doesn't get much simpler.
Look at your tone path in the menu and see what's turned on. Also consider doing a reset of the user patches.
i did the reset aready last week when my friend came over and tried to help. the only thing i tried right now that helped was putting the master volume on the pedal to max and lowering my amp's volume. but now i get random harmonics when i palm mute or hit a open.
but now i get random harmonics when i palm mute or hit a open.

Ring modulator in your tone chain? I would suggest going into the tone menu, turning off everything, then start adding things one at a time and listening to the affect of each item.
i've finally figured out most of the stuff on it by watching videos on youtube but i still can't figure out 1 thing those 3 switches on the top what do i switch them to? and when i connect it to a amp do i connect it to a clean or distortion/overdrive channel?
Use your clean channel. You'll get more help buy using the names of things you refer to. And most importantly.. read the manual.

The direct out ground lift is only for hum on the XLR. Not important.
The line out level switch should be set to amp.
The guitar in pad should be set to off unless you are using active pups.