As i was playing at guitar center the other day i realized they had MIM strat all looked the same but some where better than others.

Alot of them where better than the dreaded Highway one series made here in the US, embarrassingly bettor i must say.

Any ways they only had 3 diffrent yeared ones so my Question to you is to MIM strat players and the newer ones where significantly better than last years.

Thus far wich is the best MIM strat of the decade.

Wich years produced the best MIM strats.


just talking about standards here
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How are highway ones 'dreaded' persay? I have the bass, and it's one of the best instruments I've ever played in my life, and most of my friends agree. I've played the guitars a few times, and they're awesome. I've never heard a word against them. Please explain.
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The only thing I've ever heard against the highway one series was the finish, and that's really a personal preference.
I guese I just personally dont like that particular strat and tele series they just dont play right in my hands.

Something about it just pisses me off, to me its not as good as many MIM strats or teles.

You got to pay a big buck to get something significantly better than an MIM strat, and personally Id get a Carvin Bolt to a highway one anyday for the same price.

The one guitar i wouldnt mind throwing 1000 dollars at is the new fender MIA strats.

anyways i was just wondering because I realized that particular guitar models and series get better or crappier year trough year.

Anyways i might just get a MIA peavey predator strat style guitar for 100 bucks.

Right now im playing a Starcaster made in china guitar wich isnt to bad and i must say IMO just as good than the Highway ones ive played but still falls short of alot of MIM's ive played.
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