Alright, I'm working on teaching myself guitar, but I have very large hands (my girlfriend calls them gorrila paws >.< lol) which make it very difficult to hold down strings and chords without touching and muting other strings. I've looked this up and all i've ever found was people saying "try to find ways to hold the chords that work for you," but I was wondering if anybody had any specific tips or tricks that could help me out on this one.
Reach your hand far under the guitar's neck, and try not to bend too much at the wrist, and more by pushing your shoulder forward and bending your elbow. If you can get your hands straight over the guitar's fretboard, then you will be able to push down strings with your finger straight instead of an angle, which means you will most likely not catch two strings. In other words, try to bend your elbow and push your shoulder to where you have your thumb on the back of the neck. If it feels uncomfortable, you should adjust it until it does.

If you still catch two strings when you put your finger on the string straight, then think about getting a baritone guitar (it has a longer neck and more string space, ask about them before you buy) or switching to bass. But what I said should help.

rotate your arm and wrist out away from you so your hand sticks perpendicular to the fret board more instead of parallel. most of the people i know who play guitar have large hands so you shouldnt have much problem
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Wow, thanks for the fast replies, I'll definately try your advice. This is more what I was looking for, rather than a vague "try things till it works"

also @ Saintsofnowhere as far as trying the bass, I'm actually also working on learning the bass, but thanks for that suggestion.