i'm thinking of getting an ibanez rg321 and am stuck wether to choose the rg321mh or the rgr321ex.
could someone tell me the difference between them as i will be unable to see one for myself as there are no dealers where i live and i don't think there is one in the country aswell.
i play mostly rock and ocasionally blues and metal. i am looking to get a vox ad15vtxl when i get enough money, so in the meantime i will be playing on a cheap tenson scream 15 as i haven't played since august last year due to my cheap encore les paul breaking a wire and requiring a complete electronics change.
i am open to suggestions and have a maximum budget of €450 for the guitar and amp combined.
Either or really. I've owned both an RG321 and an RG321MH and they weren't too different. That RGR might have a bit more bite with those "EMG" pups.

Currently I rock out on a stock RG321MH and I love it. I think it could really shine with some new pickups, though, that isn't a reason to get the RGR. Those designed my EMG's are going to leave you wanting more too.
rg321mh has a mahogany body ( I think,not 100% sure) and the ex has a basswood body.
Also the ex has EMG designed pick-ups, which kinda suck actually. I would go with the rg321mh.
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^ Correct. The MH has a mahogany body while the ex and regular 321 have basswood.
thanks i was more leaning towards the rg321mh as it was about €50 cheaper the only thing i have to put up with is i can only get it in white but i'm not bothered about that.
wtf... I want a white MH. I've got the "natural" one. It's all I ever see here in Canada.
i would prefer a black one but i think ibanez have axed the mh so i'm limited in what i can get
I don't know if it's going to be applicable in the UK; but I know here the price on the 321mh bounces between $299 and $380 depending on where you look.
That's crazy. 295 euros is nearly $500 CDN. I paid $300 for mine. Didn't realize prices were so inflated over there.
well the tupid goverment where i live decided to raise taxes especially vat and it was already one of the ighest in europe