I'm wondering, whats some good ideas that will help come up with a good riff? the ones i come up with sound pretty cool but also pretty simple you know? I'm not really intricate yet with my guitar so im thinking more along the lines of..maybe power chords?
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power and bar chords work well, but it depends on what you play. if its hard rock or metal, study up on harmonic leads.

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try adapting different styles of play into ur writing such as thumb pluck finger bass style its good 4 the acoustics
Just doodle around, until you find something you like. If I have a riff in my head it's easy to make into music. But sometimes the best way to come up with something sick is to just sit down and play. Make sure to have a pencil and a tab sheet if you want to remember it later on.
That's what I do at least ;p I print out blank tab sheets and write down some interesting things that I come up with.