Anyone got a way I can change my chords quicker and can get better finger placement? Also, I was at this site once and you see all the chords and you could press this button that would strum them and you could hear what it SHOULD sound like, does anyone know this site?

And while I'm here, anyone got any advice on how to strum chords quicker and better and do up strums? ALL HELP APPRECIATED.
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get power tab or Tuxedo for that, theyre free.
rest is al about practising

Don't know were and how to get those.
First, i suggest you perfect your chord formations(basicaly make sure you know how each chords should be formed, which fingers go where etc.) 2nd, start playing the chords really slow get some chord progressions down. This to get your fingers used to switching form chord to chord.

Some good chord prgressions you might want to use:

Anyways hope that helps!
and one more thing Never Rush!
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G, Em, D, C, A are some good ones to start learning how to change because you will use those A LOT. It takes practice. What you want to do is fret the chord properly, strum it, and then pick each note making sure that it rings properly. That means you don't want it to buzz or just go "thunk". You can do it again, and again, making sure to properly fret it, and strum, and pick, and making any adjustments needed to make it sound right.

Keep doing that over and over again really. Then get to where you change the chord you are doing that with and make sure it sounds right. Eventually you get faster and faster. I think most of us still need to practice a new chord a little before we can do it quickly, but after a while you will be able to develop memory in your fingers to where you can learn a new chord in seconds.
Play the chords as you do now and stop and see where your fretting fingers are when you get buzz or muting. Then slowly strum each string in the chord up and down one by one. This will show you which fingers are causing the problem. Then adjust your fingers to the correct buzz / mute free positions and try playing again.

You will find it really annoying to begin with as open chords like C are tough to play and move quickly to when you first start playing. After a fair amount of practice you will get better and better until it becomes almost automatic. Another tip is keep you fingers as close to the frett board as you can when changing chords as it makes the change alot faster and smoother but again this takes some practice.

To do better up and down stums again it is just alot of practice. Most people pick up down strumming very quickly. When you down strum look at how your pic is tilted slightly upwards. For up strumming you need to do the oposite and tilt it slightly downwards. Its just one of those things that will suddenly click into place if you practice enough.

Hope that helps you out as we have all been there and with practice sorted it out.