My mom listens to like everything. like pop.

My dad listens to the gooood stufff, pink floyd zeppelin, the stones, etc.

What about yours?

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Ugh, this has been done to death. But, to keep in the spirit.

Father used to listen to metal (Deicide, Venom, Motorhead, Obituary were his favorites) but has lightened down a bit, but he still loves Venom.

Mother - Country and Pop music
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my mom listens to everything, like pop.

my dad listens to the gooood stuff, like pink floyd, zeppelin, the stones, etc.

haha i'm sorry but its like the exact same situation!

although they both listen to a lot of crap music from the 80's. thats a main difference
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I got my mom addicted to Scars On Broadway... Now she likes them more than me lol

I'll hear whoring streets at like 1AM in the morning really loud sometimes, but its not a tragedy... My mom also thinks Serj Tankian is the reincarnation of Jesus xD

But my parents are rockers for sure and they hate rap and pop so I'm happy.
mines around the same situation. my dad loves zeppelin, the doors, hendrix, stevie ray etc. my mom likes whatever. but my dad also loves traditional Serbian music.
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my mum likes kate bush and james morrison and ****ty scouting for girls

my dad likes avril lavinge and muse . so do i

Hey, don't knock Kate Bush.

My mom listens to country. Some good, some ****. Although, I burnt her a copy of "In the Court of the Crimson King" and she seems to like it.

My dad listens to the usual dad stuff (AC/DC, Zep, Aerosmith) as well as Sparks, Zappa, and the Talking Heads.
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mom: Yes, Steely Dan, The Police, Neil Young

dad: The Beatles, Neil Young, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton

they both listen to the same stuff though, good taste in the 70's id say
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Dad: Slayer, Metallica (old stuff, the kind he listened to in his teens [he's 36]), Testament, System of a Down, Slipknot, Genesis, Rage Against the Machine

Mom: Everything. Crappy rap music, R&B, etc. Pretty much anything my dad DOESN'T listen to!

As for my brother, he was into my dad's stuff till he hit college, now the only metal band he likes is BTBAM. He likes reggae stuff now.

As for me? Well, I listen to everything. Minus country, rap, and everything related to rap.
It is the opposite for my family

My mom listens to classic rock, such as Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, etc., and she also listens to The Beatles.

Yet, my dad listens to pop music, and 80's and 90's pop.

It is quite mixed
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my mom loves listening to celine dion's music and whitney houston. my dad likes air supply, chicago, scorpions... bands like that. they love old school music maybe because those music are the ones popular during their time.
mom-crap, foreigner,styx...and stuff like that
dad-jazz blues, classic rock, and x(punk band)

me-punk. no pop punk no emo no b-s (blank)-core crap
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Hey, don't knock Kate Bush.

My mom listens to country. Some good, some ****. Although, I burnt her a copy of "In the Court of the Crimson King" and she seems to like it.

My dad listens to the usual dad stuff (AC/DC, Zep, Aerosmith) as well as Sparks, Zappa, and the Talking Heads.

i wasnt knocking kate bush . i really like wuthering heights actually

its just scouting for girls i dont like lol
The only music my mom listens to on a regular basis is Christian contemporary music.

My dad is a little better, he listens to Christian Contemporary as well as some oldies music and some jazz (albeit smooth jazz).
dad has some taste: count five, grass roots, quicksilver messenger service, iron butterfly, etc.

mom is into foreigner and boston
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my dad listens to anything from the 60's-80's rock. good taste.
my mom listens to everything, the stones, clapton, and all of that garbage r&b music out right now, but overall they listen to a lot of the stuff i like. every time a concert comes to town, i usually ask my dad if he can get out of work, i'd say i'm pretty lucky.
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i should add that my dad really likes 80's white-boy rap. its funny but its a specific taste that i'm glad he has. meaning that he has 2 faith no more albums on his mp3 player.

edit: and like every chili peppers album
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My dad listens to Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Buffet, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Ozzy.

My mom litens to Heart, Creed, Nickelback, and some Ozzy.
dad likes the eagles not sure what else

my mom likes, don mclain, fleetwood mac, john denver, lousiana leroux, stuff liek that.
My Dad listens to Post Rock, Classic rock etc.
My Mum listens to Some Post Rock, Classic Rock, Singing stuff.

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my dad loves the band queensryche i think they r ok

i love anything thrash metal or harder
Mom likes stupid rock in my opinion. Alternative i guess you could say. Some isnt that bad

Dad listens to reggae and classic rock
My Mom likes Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Ska and a little bit of Metal.

My Dad likes Classic Rock, Old School Rap and Funk.
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