Newest track - 3 guitars, drums, synthesizers, and vocals
Mixed with Garageband. and I used an acoustic and electric guitar during the song.
I sing, play the guitar - the drums though are a loop.

Time to complete, 20hours or so...

Its in my UG profile, lyrics posted there also.

Thanks in advance,
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Nice groove, really mellow. Distorted guitar around 1 min sounds really great, like how its crunchy but subtle and in the background.

Not a big fan of the "backup vocals" in around 1:40. You did it fine, don't think its a tech issue... just think you would need someone else with a different voicing for it to work. The same person singing the backup vox sounds odd.

Tempo change around 2:30 takes a bit long (its a lengthy instrumental that kind of meanders). Have to say again, the distorted guitar comes back at 3:20 or so and I'm really diggin it. The distorted solo around 3:45? I like the pitch and sound of the guitar but the solo itself is a little bland to be as long as it is.

I think you could probably reduce the instrumental bits and some of the repetition, scale the song back to 3 or 3.5 mins and it'd be a lot tighter. It drags a bit at current length.

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I had a version of this song at 3min but I didnt like it..
I love long songs. I'm a huge Floyd fan - if I could I'd break this down into full keyboards and sound effects, - make it 7-8min long ha.
As for the solo's dragging out, I want them to be that long, I just don't have the skill on the guitar yet to make them really really interesting for that long of a period..
Its all a work in progress..