Recently I've been really wanting an iPod touch. At the moment, I have a 1st generation 30GB zune, and it works fine. The software for it sucks, though, and I have to use our old PC in order to download and transfer music. The primary computer I use now is an iMac.

I'd really like to get an iPod touch, and I could go out and buy one right now (I'm really itching to, nothing is really stopping me). A few questions I have:

Are there any alternatives to using iTunes (such as Rhapsody) where I could pay a monthly fee rather than pay for each song?

Are there any huge issues with the iPod that make the $299 for a 16gb unreasonable?

Any general complaints or praises?

EDIT: Might I add, the apps and touch screen are huge selling points for me...
and my point of view stands that iPods and Zunes are about the same in terms of just being able to play music, but the iPod has a lot more features that I really like. I also don't believe that iPods are overrated, nor are Zunes, they just happen to be the most popular brands, and you will NOT be able to convince me otherwise.

Thanks for the help.


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1) Yes, it's called uTorrent. No fee at all. Though illegal.
2) Yes there is. The fact that this beauty http://us.creative.com/products/product.asp?category=213&subcategory=214&product=16999 is the same size and is worth 179.99
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I wish Zunes worked for Mac. It would make my life so much easier..

But yeah, iPods suck and are overpriced. I mean, seriously, 16GB for 300 dollars? That's insane.
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I'm pretty happy with my 8gb. I can't really answer your first two questions as I don't buy mp3s and I haven't had any huge issues.
There is an application for it.
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iPods rule. I love my 32g iPod touch to bits. Fast, intuitive, cool... Definately worth the price.
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I've got a sony 4G walkman mp3 player and its great. Ipods are EXTREMELY OVERRATED. I personally couldn't give two sh*ts if it has internet or games an mp3 player is for MUSIC. And for the whole downloading thing u torrent soulseek and limewire are all free
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Personally, Id love an iPod Touch. But, the 16gb is also shared with movies/videos, games, and other stuff as well, not just music. Really, a Touch is basically an iPhone without the phone or texting parts. I think it still has Wi-fi, as well as games, maybe apps, and the other cool stuff iPhones have.

EDIT: I personally like Frostwire for downloads. It is a P2P software tho.
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People need to stop comparing the touch to other mp3 players. As far as I know, it is the only mp3 player that has a touch screen with wifi access and a pool of hundreds of applications that enhance its uses even more.
I have a first gen 30gb Zune and I just recently got a 32gb Touch. Even though it was pretty damn expensive, totally fucking worth it. I mostly hate iPods, but the touch is amazing.

So yea, if you have the money, get it.
your going to get a bunch of ipod hater replys
its really not unreasonable for 16gb cause you can watch movies, play games, music
everything pretty much

i say go for it
just give me a fender and let me rip
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People need to stop comparing the touch to other mp3 players. As far as I know, it is the only mp3 player that has a touch screen with wifi access and a pool of hundreds of applications that enhance its uses even more.

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I've looked at archos before, and yes they have some of those features but I'm not so sure about the apps resources.
Buy one. Everyone who says they're overrated is only doing so because they think that they're being cool. When the Zune gets wifi and app support, then come and yell at the ipod touch.
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Buy it, go on. You might as well.

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i own one and it kicks ass. its only had two minor problems with the device. fixing them was easy. all you have to do is reset to factory settings. it backs up all your music and applications resets it and puts all your **** back on. its great, the internet is stable, itunes runs well, calculator is convintievnt(sp), games music, movies. imho i think its a great device. if i was lost i would get pretty mad.

my only gripe about it is its pretty expensive but its wroth it.
Thanks vendetta and sk8board3r, those are the kinds of responses I'm looking for. Not just "yes you should" or "no you shouldn't", but with a good description of why. Freedoms Stain, I don't plan on buying an Archos :p I DO still need to keep a somewhat reasonable price.

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