What is the best (free or easy-to-torrent) drum programming software for death metal?

I wanna record something but I need drums!
the best is getting a real drummer. You can find one at www.drumprogrammingischeating.com
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I just want to record something quick, and I want to get all my musical expression out without the frustration of someone else giving me all their ideas.
meh I use Fruity Loops, which you can also use to record tracks. You'll want to hunt down a sample set made for metal though, because the included drum sounds really don't cut it for that sort of thing.
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Drumkit From Hell Superior is probably the best for Death Metal, but you've got to know how to mix to get good results.
It's what I use, all of the songs on my profile feature drums done with DFHS.
beatcraft is nice and i use it.
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