I'm looking for a song for a school project. I put together a band with a drummer, guitarist, bassist and vocalist. I wasn't able to get any brass players. Could someone please recommend a song from the 20s that doesn't need brass to be performed? Or could anyone point me to somewhere that could tell me?
20s is what the project is based off of. If i can get something around that era, even up to the forties, I'm sure they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. And arranging sounds like a good idea but if I can I'd like to use something authentic
Muddy Waters? Nah he was like way later than that, right?

Anyways... RIP Dime.
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20s jazz was usually played with a piano, cornet, trumpet, tuba, banjo, clarinet, trombone, and sax.

So you're paddling up the wrong creak if you want to sound Dixieland.
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Most jazz music is extremely malleable. You can arrange and interpret it whichever way you want, in any form, instrumentation, reharmonization, etc. In fact, one could argue that it would be wrong to play a jazz piece as exactly as it was recorded in one instance.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Allright, thank you. I decided to listen to some old jazz and play the brass pieces by ear and its coming along great. I've never played any jazz before so this is the best i can do but it's sounding pretty good so far. I'm just taking riffs from a few old songs I found on youtube and putting them together. Thanks for your help, and I think I'm taking up some real jazz now so thanks for influencing.