what songs did all you guys find REALLY helped you learn? Also more specifically what metal songs helped you learn that sound?

Don't worry about saying "not songs, just improvising and learning the chords blah blah blah lol i know that stuff already, just for future reference lol)

Now that I almost had triplets down, I'm able to play metal songs a bit better. But I practice the same songs and I'm not sure what other songs to move into to gain more experience.
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what if they're not metal songs
i learned alot from pink floyd
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yeah i was just saying songs in general and added in more specifically in case someone has songs that apply to the sound i want. but i know not to limit myself so yeah of course not only metal songs

any pink floyd songs that were good to start off on?
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Your guitar will be infinite. Far over 9000.

are you looking for some song suggestions?
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What I think are more important than songs that help you learn (because any song can help you learn, as long as you analyze them) are songs that you WANT to play. If you can get a riff down that is fun to play, you going to play your rig more often and get better.
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I'm still a bit new to metal method, and these few helped me along the way.

Paranoid - Taught me hammer ons w/ powerchords.

Iron Man and Heven and Hell - How to slide a Powerchord well

Weezer songs - the art of downpicking to weird time signatures.
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But, yeah, we have a thread dedicated to this type of question at the top of the forum. Please delete this and post there.

Also, the triplet and the gallop are very different; you should read the link in my sig about the gallop so you're not confused. Too many people think the gallop is a triplet.
Well I learned 'Blood Bound' and that was great for getting my fingering better. Plus it sounds great. I'd recomend 'Run to the Hills' as well. I haven't learnt it yet but it's an amazing sng and you can't go wrong woith IRON MAIDEN
From Here to Eternity? You can go wrong.

Edit: Anyway, as I said, there is a sticky for this topic, so I'm going to find Elv ( ) and see if he'll close this or merge it.

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