Hey there!
I play with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (with Alex Skolnick from Testament, Al Pitrelli from Megadeth/Alice Cooper)
I've also been the guest soloist for Jethro Tull.
Check out the clips from my new CD Rise of The Warrior on my myspace and website!


Available on Itunes!

Anna x

Either way, I'm listening to the clips. I'm only on Battle of the Gods, but so far, I really like it. Kinda reminds me of Nightwish without an annoying vocalist.
Nice stuff... I love your hair btw.

How busy is your schedule? I might need a real violinist for a couple of my soundtrack songs (will probably be used in an indie movie) and I was wondering if I send you the notation and the track, can you record the leads? I can't pay for that, though.