I've been looking into Fender Jaguars as my next guitar. I'm like 80% sure its the one.

I played it for the 3rd time yesterday. However it didn't sound as great as I remembered.

In other words, 1st time it was like, 'Wow! ****ing awesome!!'. But now its, 'hey, this is pretty cool'.

It went from a 10 to about an 8 or so.

Still, best guitar I've played out of the few I've narrowed it down to.

What would cause it to drop a point or so an the AWESOME scale?

Amp EQ'd differently (yes, same exact amp (Blues Jr. 3rd one from the left) though I EQ'd almost the same)?

'At first glance' type of thing?

What your theory?
It's because your honeymoon is over. When I got my LP it was a 10, now it's like a 6.5 after I've beaten it up somewhat. Don't get me wrong, it's a great guitar, it just doesn't catch my eye like it used to.
well, the honeymoon comment isnt applicable as I've never been married or engaged. So, I dont get it.

So its basically the new starting to wear off, before I've even bought it? :EEK:
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Believe it or not it is possible if you EQ the amp right, and add a compressor.

Yeah but wouldn't it be easier just to use a different guitar
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Yes, but the Jag in question is the black and chrome HH Jag. not the single coil version.

Also, I play jangle-pop alot and david bowie type stuff too. This guitar fits my style, budget, and everything. Of the few choices I narrowed it down to, this one seems to work the best out of the bunch.
I love that jag. Its a sexy beast
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i have that jag.
First few times I played with it i fell in love with it.
i tried mine at the store and wondered ''...? should i actually?...''

but then someone came and was like OMG I AM SO BUYING THIS GUITAR YOU ARE TRYING and i remembered how hard it had been to find (there's like one available every 6 months in this town) and i just ended up buying it

it is now the guitar i use the most at gigs. I use it all the time. it's beautiful, it sounds great, it's lightweight, it's very versatile... I couldn't live without it now =) i'm just gonna replace the bridge pickup for a p-90 sometime soon because i want a p-90 and that i mostly use the neck pickup, but the stock ones sound good =)

oh, the switches are annoying at first, but you'll get used to it

go for it mate =)

my next guitar will likely be a jazzmaster because i want somethign that feels like my jaguar but a bit different... it's just the perfect kind of guitars for me !
I was gonna get that Jag, then I played it next to a Les Paul and the rest is history.
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some of y'all dont like the stock pu's in the HH jag.

what makes the stock pick-ups in the jag 'bad'?