So my drummer is thinking off customizing his bass drum head by adding our bands logo and we looked into it and it seems like a good idea to use vinyl material "would be like a giant sticker on the bass drum" and was wondering if anyone on the pit had experience with customizing bass drums and if Vinyl is the way to go?

If you dont know what I'm talking about heres an example

I want to turn this

into this
i've always just put some duct tape on it, or had somebody paint one. our point was always to make it look ghetto as ****.
I was wondering how much 22" circle of vinyl with a picture would cost ?

* I would get it done at a local Sign Store.
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Well I think and I consider myself very smart so you and your drummer should listen to my kind words that this should be posted in a drum forum that does not exist so I would have to tell you.

Use the searchbar.
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