I've been playing acoustics for only about a year now. I am more of a self-teach music person. I am not in a position to hire a teacher or take any guitar lessons yet. My assumption is that when playing any instrument in music, one of the number one rules are, to learn correctly the right way first and prevent any bad habits from occuring. In addition, I believe there are more than one way to learn and play an instrument.

My current self taught program is this: I spend roughly 2 hours a day playing the acoustic. My excercises includes, scales/strumming/finger picking. My goal is to achieve this level of guitar playing Sungha Jung with in a year

After watching this video from youtube, showing a small child playing an acoustic, I've summed up a few questions, if the community can help me.

1. At his age, how is or was he able to achieve such playing techniques.

2. Assuming he had a teacher, would the teacher teach music theory? (Major/Scales etc.)

3. With the right training, are there shortcuts in learning to play a guitar?

4. Are there any resources online/books out there that can help me acheive my goal?

I feel like quiting after seeing that video, wish I should of started earlier, I'm 24 yrs old . My level of skill is no where near him, I would look terrible if I attempted.

Any help is appreciated.
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get a teacher, play the music you like, practise, and enjoy every second.
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if you want to get good quickly get lessons
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There aren't really any shortcuts to learning how to play, but there are ways to practice that will help you learn and become better more quickly. A good teacher will be able to show you different ways to practice that will do just that, so get one as soon as you're in a position to. Also, I'm going to assume that you didn't start playing guitar just to be better than some kid on youtube. Just enjoy playing music you like and don't worry about how much better someone else is, after all, you're the only one that you need to answer to.
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I feel, I may not be able to advance in a long time because I didn't start young.
Try making recordings of yourself when you play, then check them out 3 weeks later. Focus on how much you improve to keep you going and don't worry about how far you need to go. It doesn't really matter if you start older or not. Maybe it might take a bit longer to get there, but if you have fun and stick with it, you'll get there eventually. When you get down to it, you're just training the muscle memory in your fingers. As long as you focus on what you need to improve on, work on it one skill at a time, and concentrate you'll be fine.
His death, which happen'd in his berth,
At forty-odd befell:
They went and told the sexton, and
The sexton toll'd the bell
How Sungha Jung is able to do all those covers is beyond my understanding. He's really talented.

Anyway, I really believe that if you want to progress all you need is motivation and practice. Practice, practice and then some more practice. Enjoy learning new tricks and techniques, that's a quite important thing, at least for me. Your goal might be pretty tough, seeing you want to play like this wonder kid in just two years.

About some exercise and stuff you should check out Antoine Dufour's thumbpick lesson and his basic picking technique lesson on Youtube. That's the only tutorials on finger style guitar I have come across. I haven't really searched for them anyway, so you can probably find a lot of lessons and tutorials if you put in a little effort.

But don't be disencouraged because you didn't start young. It would be worse if you had not picked the guitar up at all.
For what it's worth, I learned by buying "4400 Chord Shapes" + the sheet music for songs and tunes I wanted to sing and play, (I already had the the records).

Like the man says - "Learn to play what you like and Enjoy"

I regret not having lessons, but I guess like you, I was afraid it would be all scales and reading dots (at school 55 years ago, this is how I was taught the Euphonium, which I gave up in sheer boredom).

I now know the chord shapes / changes in most keys. If I could find someone to teach easy riffs and how to sing in tune - I would be famous! ;-)

Oh and PS - I bought my first guitar at age 15 and the chord book when I was 30! (which is when it started to get interesting) - You are never too old!

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PLAY WITH YOUR THUMB OVER THE TOP! NEIL YOUNG DOES IT, NOBODY HAS **** ON HIM. also you can play bass lines, and mute. a must for semi acoustic playing.